Every day we see our world: the natural world, ourselves, other people, and the results of our creation. But what would happen if we could see them differently – from a new angle, a different point of view, or a fresh perspective?

The Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments seeks to create these new ways of seeing in order to help us interpret our world, reach new understandings and improve the human condition. Through their work and research the Vis Center faculty and staff create new views and interpretations of the everyday and the uncommon, through the fields of engineering, history, medicine, culture, science, technology, and art.

The mission is carried out by faculty, staff and students with expertise in computer vision and image processing, data acquisition, graphics, human-computer interaction, multimedia, and networking and is dedicated to research and development of computer-generated immersive environments, ambient environments, dynamic scene acquisition and preservation, advanced telepresence and telecommunications, and visualization applications in areas such as education and training, medicine, manufacturing, security and daily life.


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