Posted by: viscenter | May 23, 2012

The Vis Center Welcomes Dr. Ruriko Yoshida

Students in math classes often complain that they will never use their mathematical knowledge outside of school.  They may balance a checkbook, but will statistics change the world?  Dr. Ruriko Yoshida uses statistics to solve real world problems such as how diseases mutate, how to optimize resources, how to optimize evacuation plans in a case of emergency, and how to develop therapies for special needs children. She studies statistical analysis of genetics, optimization problems, and applications of graphical models.
Dr. Ruriko Yoshida recently joined the faculty of the Vis Center, but has worked in the Statistics Department at the University of Kentucky for the past six years.  She began collaborating with Dr. Samson Cheung on a project to optimize the placement of cameras for a security system to use as few cameras as possible, balancing affordability with functionality. Dr. Cheung’s research also involves optimization problems and applying graphical models.
At the Vis Center, Dr. Yoshida will work with Dr. Cheung on his mirror-imaging project.  Using a computer image as a mirror image is a useful learning tool for autistic children.  The image on the computer “mirror” can be modified to help the child learn via video self-modeling.
Dr. Yoshida applies the same optimization methods and graphical models across disciplines.  She is able to use statistics to answer questions in biology, technology, and education.  Her research improves the lives of others.  She said, “I want to do something good in this society.  So I love actually applying some mathematical statistical methods.”
To learn more about Dr. Ruriko Yoshida, press here.


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