Posted by: viscenter | April 5, 2012

Vis Center Student Receives Award at Twin Cities IEEE Paper Competition

Jonathan Soli, an undergraduate who worked at the University of Kentucky’s Vis Center in the summer of 2011, recently won the Twin Cities IEEE Paper Competition and will move on to the IEEE Region 4 Student Paper Competition. Soli is a student at Hamline University. UK professor Kevin Donohue advised Soli on Soli’s Electrical and Computer Engineering REU project, “Verification of Simulated Acoustic Environments Utilizing Cross-Correlation and Power Spectral Density,”

“Imagine a noisy room full of people conversing and, with a hidden microphone array, having the ability to covertly focus on a specific conversation of interest,” Soli pointed out. Professor Donohue researches how to block extraneous sound and allow focused listening using microphone arrays.

Soli compared a computer simulated acoustic environment to a real acoustic environment. Propagation delays, secondary echo timing, and the sound decay as the sound reverberates through the room were the metrics most relevant for Soli’s project.

His project helps researchers know how to improve the computer simulation of acoustic environments. Soli established the current performance of the computer simulation software, so that now researchers can focus on improving the software quality. The simulator simplifies research on acoustic environments by simplifying optimization studies and avoiding the hassle of setting up a multitude of physical microphones.

At the Twin Cities competition, Soli won a cash prize and a spot in the IEEE Region 4 Student Paper Competition. He will travel to Indianapolis, IN for the competition on May 5th; the IEEE competition will be held in tandem with the 2012 Electro/Information Technology (EIT) Conference through IUPUI.


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