Posted by: viscenter | November 23, 2010

Documentary produced by Vis Center begins airing on KET

The Media for Research Lab within the Vis Center and the Department of Mining Engineering in the UK College of Engineering worked together for over a year on a documentary to present a balanced picture of coal in Kentucky. They worked with the Cabinet for Energy and Environment, coal industry professions, the Sierra Club, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED) and others to pull together the content for the film, shooting video all over the state.

The goal of the film is to examine the significance of this history, what it means today and how Kentucky can move forward to responsibly mine coal while protecting the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens, the environment, and the economy for the future.

The film will air several times on the KET network:
11/23 9:00PM KET
11/24 10:00PM KET KY
11/25 3:00AM KET
11/26 9:00AM KET KY
11/29 5:00AM KET KY

Visit the Coal in Kentucky website for more information.


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