Posted by: viscenter | April 26, 2010

Travel into the interior of an ancient scroll

Research into scanning the interior of two Herculaneum scrolls located in Paris, France is continuing. In this new video, the interior of the scroll is revealed down to the texture of one small piece of the scroll.



  1. Fascinating. I guess that this demonstrates that “unrolling” is at least possible utilizing current technology.

    How much (percentage? or however you would choose to measure it) of the roll have you succeeded in achieving this?

    And how is the discrimination of the carbon-based ink (I presume) vs. the carbon-based papyrus material of the paper” coming?

    Surely all of this is an arduous process manipulating an inconceivably large mass of data. But it is an experiment, early in the process of developing and extending new techniques to a variety of materials.

    Good luck

  2. Congrats to the EDUCE Team!

    That is a beautiful slip of papyrus!

    Looking forward to the release of more imagery and info.

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