Posted by: viscenter | August 10, 2009

Vis Center Research Creates Real-time 3-D Generation and Reconstruction

3drealtimeResearchers at the Vis Center recently published a paper demonstrating the system they have developed for LUT-based processing for real-time phase generation and 3-D reconstruction by means of structured light illumination. University of Kentucky student Kai Liu, along with fellow students, Yongchang Wang and Qi Hao as well as faculty members Daniel L. Lau and Laurence G. Hassebrook announced they have been able to use structured light illumination to produce real-time acquisition and creation of 3-D models.

Structured light illumination (SLI) is the process of projecting a series of light striped patterns onto an object. A digital camera then records the deformation in the pattern to reconstruct a 3-D model of the object’s surface. Using only a single camera and illumination source with a single processing computer, the system can easily be constructed from readily available parts.

3drealtime2In the past, SLI has not typically been used with video applications because of the very high frame rate needed. Based on the complexity of the calculations, video-based SLI systems have been required to record camera frames to memory and then apply off-line processing in order to reconstruct 3-D video.

This project has devised a lookup-table based solution that can generate real-time acquisition and display of 3-D scans. The system can acquire and display 3-D video in real-time. The potential uses for this technology include facial recognition applications, biometrics, and hand gesture recognition.


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